Unity Distance Healing!

The Healing Offered here is absolutely FREE without any obligations whatsoever!
**You can use the request for yourself or for others!**  
And your generosity is always appreciated and can change lives, and make the world a better place…

Thank You so much for allowing us to help others with your Love $ DONATION. It’s awesome that you can help so many homeless people. We are now planing to empower more People a day thanks to God and to Good People like yourself. 

Doreen Cohanim, Founder and Director

Unity Distance Healing
The CohanimMelchizedek – Reiki Natural Energy Healer. 

To my Worldwide Universal Community Service.
Harmonized and Warranted to promote yourHealing, Peace and Tranquility.Reading this page is the new beginning of your hope, dreams and wishes.

Reading word by word …

Has secured your on-going well-being and Love.

I am a born Energy Healer who developed my ability of Natural Healing combined with Melchizedek and Reiki.

My life been phased through higher levels of acceleration of healing

during my 50 years.In Unity of This Universal healing process, I Doreen Cohanim , would like to offer a small and wonderfully rewarding part of giving.

Granted in support of my mission to help as many as possible in the time remaining  to me.

This page is a complex and powerful beyond your understanding

in a way it ensures highest quality and prayer to help those in need.

Within the hands of The Energy Natural Born Healer.

You are enfolded by the wondrous, generous compassion and beauty, of the Universal Healing Love.

Those who may not feel the energy at the instant of opening the page, please place your hands on the picture of the

“Western Wall” – Kotel or My Picture and you will be surrounded and protected by the energy.



I do not promise miraculous cures…

With the confidence of experience, the security of the power that supports it.

Your Hope will help the continuing flow of confirmed healing contacts.

I State, That With No Reservation, This page Eases Pain and Reduces Stress.

Please use it wisely…
The Cost Is Your Love DONATION!

The only Request for this service is a few seconds of your time.

Every time you open this page, please allow yourself to feel the energy… You may close your eyes If you wish to…
or just look & touch the pictures.

Feel free to post your special healing request or email me:

Please make sure to type COHANIM in your email subject, or in the body of your email, followed with your healing request.

Donations – Love Offerings – Spiritual Healing – To Heal Your Inner Child…

Any donation anyone could send our way would be greatly appreciated.

Your donations and contributions, in any form or manner they may be, will be put fully and completely to support the ongoing mission and purpose of healing…

For specific request; Please share the exact situation, full name, and what is the relationship to you, “self” or other
Date of Birth, City, State, and Country.

Every $1 or $150.00 or more love donation you give provides an empowering GIFT and helping the people in need and the homeless with a beautiful Mindset.
No one should spend Holidays in an isolation, cold, pain, and hungry on the streets of Skid Row. Help give someone a HOPE and a fresh life with a beautiful mindset.

There is no holiday joy when you’re isolated, heartbroken, in pain, cold and hungry. Hope begins with a giving—and every $1 or more that you donate provides a unique tool towards new mindset and an unconditional love that reminds hurting friends and neighbors on Skid Row that they’re not forgotten. Give the gift of a Holiday Season and share the life-changing hope that is the true spirit of the season.

Please Share Your Suggested Love Donation of $1.00 or 150.00
Thank You!