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Malibu Retreat 


Welcome to a place where Hope and Healing Begins.
Our group meetings and retreat program offers an Uncompromising personal attention.
Over 10 years of experience in helping people help themselves. 

You will have an unimaginable recovery experience….

Most of all, we don’t offer medical treatment, but we offer the ultimate solution.
And, we don’t add more guilt to your problem, by making you chose other religion, or come to weekly or group meetings, unless you are in need for additional support. Our rehab for addiction and emotional support is not a controlled internment, or policing your behavior. It’s helping you to chose the right life style for your own highest good

** Coming Sunday, May 11th, 2014…. Women Empowerment Retreat **

We are getting closer to our women empowerment retreat coming soon, May 11, 2014. What would you learn on the day of the retreat: You will learn how to allow Wealth and Attraction so you’ll have more fulfilling life and greater personal wealth.

We will start with knowing one another, then start with; – Morning meditation.
– Improving your mindset towards, health, spirituality and money.
– Increasing your personal wealth.
– Finding out if you are helping or hurting your financial future.
– Tips on prosperity…
– Spiritual development and forgiveness. – Loving yourself. And much more!

All of us have a relationship with cash…good and bad…but
your money mindset decides how much wealth you attract into your life.

We will look at how not to let your emotions get in the way, instead reverse it in a way you can benefit from you.

Years ago, I was in a place where I had the wrong idea about money, success and happiness, and my financial mindset was set to earning $800 to 1200 a month. I didn’t think I would get anything more than that. So, I was in a bad spot financially, and emotionally.

However, I was able to learn how to change my financial destiny, as well as my happiness.

This retreat will show you what I’ve learned to reach a
whole new level of prosperity: The reason I’m going to share with you my secret is because i i enjoy paying it forwards. You see, in order to meet
your desire for the ultimate lifestyle, you have to develop a
positive money or spiritual mindset. If you hold any bad attitudes towards
money, or past experiences, as a result you’re subconsciously repelling wealth and might never realize your financial freedom, or your ultimate happiness.

** You have to know how to have a solid foundation

** You as well have to understand what you really want

** You have to know how to get rid of self limiting beliefs

You need to start changing your focus from what you don’t
want (Debt, lack, fear) into what you want and need (which is prosperity, riches and success).

This is critical because when people live life unconsciously, they often pick the worst choices by default without being aware of how
it damages their financial future in the long run.

If you’re striving for financial freedom or for true happiness but finding that wealth generation is a hardship and roadblock in your life journey,
you might need to work on your money mindset before you’ll be able to grant yourself permission to draw in the financial stability you desire. So please cancel all your plans and save the date for a retreat that can bring Wealth ant happiness. All I can say is that you cannot afford not to attend our one day retreat in Malibu. Early bird registration is: $99.00 until November 30th, 2013.  $199.00 by January 30th, 2014, $299 by March 30th, 2014 And after that it goes to $499.00 until April 1st, 2014. And after that its $699 and only if we have seats left. 

Early Bird Until November 30th, 2013 is Only $99.00 Reserve your seat now!

Sunday, May 11th, 2014,
 we will have an event /seminar during the day, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Includes with lunch. There are opportunities for private counseling with the trainer or the specific event speaker. 

Our one day group event ( minimum 20 to 75 people ) runs between: $149.99 per person to $1049.99 per person. ( Depending on the program we are offering) from 9AM to 5:00 PM.

Our weekend retreat starts on Friday 5:30 PM with dinner and ends Sunday with lunch.  ( minimum 5 people ) price per person starts from: $550 to $6000 based on shared bedroom, and bathroom.Two people in one bedroom. For private room with two single beds, it’s $7,000.

** Please note, non of the rooms are fancy, they are very old fashioned and poor looking, but this is a spiritual retreat, and if you don’t mind, you get to save on high end hotels. However you can find a separate hotel room somewhere near by and attend our event, but the rates are the same, with or without the room. ***

Private bedrooms are limited; double rooms share a bathroom. Special needs must be indicated well in advance. Handicap access is limited. An advance, nonrefundable deposit is necessary. Call 818-521-1547 for more information

About the Presenters

We are fortunate to have number of retreat masters for our 2014. Emotional Healing Retreats, And Success Retreat.  .  Doreen Cohanim, MM, C.Ht, MM is no stranger to Emotional Support Group and Psychic Development Groups.  She is an experienced retreat master who speaks wisdom through life stories, insights, and spiritual energy connection.  She will be joined by several other professionals who will offer various educational and spiritual headings.  Doreen is Certified Hypnotherapist, Personal Coach, And Energy healer who is a certified Retreat and Spiritual Director providing opportunities for spiritual growth, group spiritual empowerment  development of personal leadership and self healing. Among her qualifications She’s currently pursuing a Doctorate degree.

Emotional Support Group Retreat Theme


We are enfolded within the gracious presence of our higher power, and you may call it, God, Angles, Spirits, Masters, etc, that guide and supports us throughout our journey. Sometimes we need an awakening, and a new cutting edge that helps us breakthrough our obstacles so we can discover the ultimate path to happiness.  Join us to explore the various “Windows ofOpportunity” which release old patterns while taking you into a new ways of understanding life. The retreat is located on a hill in Malibu, Enter Your Mind Center provides an ideal location to nourish your souls for the journey of a life time.

Drug Rehab Programs… Coming soon

Alcohol Rehab Programs… Coming soon

Are you being controlled by drug and alcohol? Is this lifestyle keeping you from the ultimate happiness? Do you want to be in control of your life again? Are you ready for the ultimate success that attract only happiness and joy? 

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