Helping homeless survivors to rebuild their lives

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You can make a difference in a homeless life. In about 8 to 10 weeks you will be matched with a homeless, whom you’ll help triumph over overwhelming obstacles and build a new life for them self and their family. Your monthly support will enable a homeless child, or adult survivor of the streets to enroll in our life-changing programs and provide them self empowerment and coaching to improve their life.

Make a Donation

  • Enter Your Mind Center Inc. – “Homeless Dignity Project”  does such great work that I’d like to do more than become a sponsor! I’d also like to pledge a recurring donation of $3 in addition to my monthly contribution to increase support to its life changing programs.
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  • 5 – Sponsorship(s) $150 Per Month
  • One-time administrative coasts $30

  Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to sponsor a homeless survivor of the streets, I agree to pay the sponsorship fee indicated on the sign up form for each of the homeless I
have agreed to sponsor, and to continue to pay such fees for the duration of the sponsorship as indicated on the sign up form.

If I have chosen to pay my sponsorship fee by debit or credit card, I give permission to Enter Your Mind Center, Inc.l to charge my card directly at the intervals I have agreed to. If I have chosen to pay by other methods, I understand I will be billed for the sponsorship fee at the intervals indicated on my sign up form, and I agree to pay these bills in a timely manner.

I understand that at the completion of my sponsorship, I will be matched with a new homeless and agree to be charged the then current sponsorship fee for the new sponsorship.

I understand that the sponsorship fee, and the sponsorship duration may change from time to time, and that Enter Your Mind Center, Inc. will make reasonable efforts to inform me of such changes with at least 30 days notice. If I do not respond to these notifications, I give permission to Enter Your Mind Center, Inc to automatically charge me the changed sponsorship fee and to continue charging me for the changed sponsorship duration.

It is my intent to sponsor a homeless for the duration of the training period, but I understand that I have the right to cancel my sponsorship at any time by contacting Enter Your Mind Center, Inc. If cancellation is requested, no further fees will be charged and, if requested, Enter Your Mind Center, Inc will erase the debit or credit card information held and used for that sponsorship fee.

Should the same card also be held and used for other Enter Your Mind Center, Inc. regular donations or other sponsorship, the debit or credit card information will remain on file to enable those other charges to be processed.
I understand that my sponsorship may be terminated by Enter Your Mind Center, Inc. if my sponsorship fees are uncollected after 3 consecutive months. In the case of non monthly payment options, this cancellation will occur after one payment (equating to 3 months or more of support) are uncollected. Enter Your Mind Center, Inc. will make all reasonable efforts to contact a sponsor whose fees are uncollected by all means available.