Your generosity can change lives, and make the world a better place…

ENTER YOUR MIND CENTER, INC.  IS A NOT-PROFIT, Educational Initiative and Alternative corporation in the State of Los Angele’s, CA.

Enter Your Mind Center, INC.  Is a charitable organization based on the “Pay-It-Forward” model of recognizing and encouraging altruism in our own neighborhoods as portrayed in helping people In need.


You are an essential part of it!

HOMELESS DIGNITY Project and people in need are documenting one of the most exciting times in human history!
Every one of you can make a difference!
Here is the first way you can support the MAKING of HOMELESS DIGNITY “PEOPLE IN NEED” Project A SUCCESS!


Feeding the needy is very near and dear to our heart. Honor us and reap our blessings by sharing your unconditional love and generous support with those who need it most.

Embrace the Power of Shared Giving!

Monies are raised through support groups fundraising events as well as private and corporate donations. Collectively we can help fund a variety of worthy causes with much greater impact. We can ease the burdens of our neighbors by offering the gift of new life, dignity, and hope – reaching out to those who feel the circumstances of life have extinguished their spirit, thereby empowering them to re-ignite their flame of life.

We Offer a New Concept in Personal Growth

We are uniquely positioned to encourage donor involvement by offering your love donation ~ You can volunteer by joining our community, helping with marketing, grand writing, moderating, welcoming newcomers, and help to make someone’s life uplifting and inspiring.

We love inspirational story’s as well as distance healing and group prayers.

Here’s How It Works

You can make a one time or monthly donation, an advantage of the future tax-exempt umbrella, enabling us to collectively pool our resources and accomplish that which cannot be done alone.

Everyone is welcome.

Perhaps you have always wanted to help others but didn’t know where to begin, or you thought your donation would be too small to make a difference. But your dollars when combined with those of many others can quickly add up and go directly to people who need help.

Our goal can only be achieved with your help.

** Experience The Joy Of Paying It Forward **

  • Want to know who your donations will help?
  • Have you been blessed in life, and feel you’d like to pay it forward?
  • Are you ready to get involved on a personal level?
  • Have you survived great loss and now want to help others?
  • Are you ready to start a paying It forward with your kids, at your club, among family, friends or at the office?
  • Will Your Company Match Your Donation?

If You Have answered Yes, to any of these questions, then come and join our community in paying it forward.

We “Pay It Forward” during major Holidays; Thanks Giving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.
We love sharing the gift of hypnosis, energy healing and coaching with the homeless people. If anyone is interested to help us “Paying It Forward”, I want to hear from you.

When you donate to EYMC, your donations help support homeless people to gain back their dignity, it helps support full-time work for over 50 talented artisans and family’s in United State and worldwide.  In addition, we partner with over 100 different homeless shelters and help their causes. As a thank you for supporting us and these tremendous causes, please enjoy 10% off when you hire our services – simply let us know about your donated and we will offer you the discount.

Enter Your Mind Center, Inc. must rely on freewill offerings for necessary accommodations, such as renting a room or a hall, educational materials, hiring the best instructors, and capital improvements.
As of now, we are using members private locations, and with your help, we want to be able to open our physical center to offer a larger support group in 2013 and future retreat. Please consider a gift for this badly needed project to help people in need. It cannot be completed without your generosity.

Please consider remembering us in your will. Our legal title is ENTER YOUR MIND CENTER, INC.

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Please print and mail to:
Enter Your Mind Center, Inc.
13951 Moorpark St, Suite 211
Sherman Oaks, Ca 91423

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