Dishonesty vs. Negativity

Have you ever been told that you are negative? Or why do you always have to be in control, or why does it have to be always about you?  Or simply accused of lying and cheating?

What is Dishonesty? Dishonesty is lack of honesty; a disposition to lie, backstabbers, steal or cheat.  As the reality of a two-faced lie it’s nothing to do with negativity. Keep in mind, that there is no such thing as “negative people”, and I hear it all the time, either verbally or in some social media post: For example, someone posted on her Facebook; “Negativity will not be tolerated near me, in me or around me.” It sounds like a fair statement, however, the key question is, what is negativity?

Situations, circumstances, or simply holding on to your fear, is what negativity is all about. Basically, “Negativity means, holding on to your own fear” in other words, if you fear it, you attract it.” If you understand it, then it’s no longer negativity.” 2013 ©

Now let’s go one step further and look into relationships, cheating and infidelity. The most painful and harmful action of negativity is when a man or women has been dishonest with their partner’s.  And, there is no excuse like other therapist try to make it sounds like. And not every lying person indicates that there is a chance that they are cheater, because a lie it’s not always a sign of weakness, a lie can be told for survivor reasons. Also a laying person does not lack confidence, because they know exactly what they are doing and why they are lying.

People who lie to others do not cheat on themselves, they cheat on the person who trust them with all their heart, they hurt the person who have invested their time and their unconditional love to build a wonderful friendship, they are the one who truly miserable for not being able to respect another soul, and my friend, don’t even doubt that they will not get to taste own painful medicine, because the law of cause and effect is seriously taken by the universe.

In other words, these people are trapped in their own creation of misery, while being the victims, and as long as they are not willing to acknowledge their own mistakes and come clean, no one will be able to help them heal.

I am sure you have heard the psychological phrase, that “people who have been hurt also hurt people themselves.” Not accurate with every single situation, because an individual who received grow up with pain they, they know better and therefore, they will not want to pass that to their love ones, and as a result they get help. Maybe in, this statement was accurate, but with today’s advance holistic and alternative healing modalities, we are going forward and into a healthier life style. So, remember, with the right mentoring, coaching and alternative dealing’s, such as hypnosis, coaching, etc., we can stop the cycles of sexual abuse, drug addictions, infidelity, obesity, and all other emotional related hearts.  Learn to forgive, and move on to the top, because this is where you belong.

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Doreen Cohanim
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