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We’ll get right to it: This month we ask you to help our Nonprofit. To protect our mission and independence, we need your help, and you can enjoy the tax deductible as well. We’re sustained by donations averaging about $15. Only a tiny portion of our readers give. Now is the time we ask. If everyone reading this right now gave $3, our fundraiser would be done within a month. That’s right, the price of a cup of coffee is all we need. If Enter Your Mind Center is useful to you, please take one minute to keep our work going another year. We’re a small nonprofit with costs of a top site: servers, staff and programs. We serve millions of readers, but run on a fraction of what other top sites spend. We believe knowledge is a foundation. A foundation for human potential, for freedom, for opportunity, for unconditional love and paying it forward. We believe everyone should have access to knowledge—for free, without restriction, without limitation. Please help us end the fundraiser and improve Enter Your Mind Center. Thank you. 
  Thank You so much for allowing us to help others with your $ DONATION. It’s awesome that a single $ can help so many homeless people.  We are now planning to empower more People a day thanks to God and to Good People like yourself. 

 Welcome to Enter Your Mind Center 
Enter Your Mind Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Los Angeles corporation in California.  The Enter Your Mind Center (EYMC) is the story of people. Evidence suggests that years ago people valued friendship first. As a result Enter Your Mind Center (EYMC) was born to offer a supportive environment where individuals and groups can receive holistic services.  We are dedicated to enhancing conscious awareness of body, mind and spirit through individual healing sessions, support groups, classes, and educational training.Who We Are:
We are the OFFICIAL nonprofit organization of Enter Your Mind Center (EYMC) who believe in “Paying It Forward”! Founded by Doreen Cohanim who also heads up the Homeless Dignity Project. Our Goal is Worldwide Engagement of Pay it Forward. At Enter Your Mind Center (EYMC), we offers more than traditional healing services like meditation classes, energy healing, hypnosis, life coaching, energy head massage, John of Gods crystal bed healing, NLP, EFT,emotional support groups, empowerment groups, etc. It offers holistic and alternative healing and relaxation care with a twist. The healing center is located in Sherman Oaks and it is a nonprofit organization. So when you attend one of our meditation, hypnotherapy, coaching, energy healing and other classes, you can choose to donate the profits to Enter Your Mind Center, Inc. Supporting “Homeless Dignity Project” Helping The Homeless.
According to our organization  organization’s website, about 20% of the services profit will be donated to Homeless Dignity charity  to help educate empower and heal the homeless on Christmas Day.  Any remaining profits will be set aside for community outreach and future expansion.So the next time you want to splurge on a new look, behavior, and positive mind set, consider Enter Your Mind Center (EYMC) – in Sherman Oaks and do something nice for others as well.
Mission Statement:
Enter Your Mind Center provides individuals and groups a place to receive holistic services in a supportive environment, as well as online support groups and training. We help men and women, children from age 3 and up, and families escaping domestic violence and becoming homeless to overcome trauma, by offering the support needed to gain back their dignity and their lives, to achieve self-efficiency.  Through Enter Your Mind Services, we provide comprehensive services that include referrals to organizations that can help additional support.     
Enter Your Mind Center is a non-profit founded in 2004, and become officially approved as a nonprofit on July 2012. We are a community organization that is dedicated to the healthy connection to the body, mind and spirit. We are a community that provides compassion, support, and inspiration with a basis, friendship and hope. We have come together as a community of professional practitioners who are committed to serve people who are motivated to heal on the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual levels with therapeutic guidance and compassion. Since 2004, Doreen Cohanim was paying It forward Supporting people in need as well as helping the homeless people during the high holidays.  We started the “Homeless Dignity Project” without wearing any bracelets, T-shirts or other symbol give away gifts. Instead we donate our time, compassion, hypnotic CD’s and Portable CD players to the homeless people. We are hoping that more professionals from all around the world come forward and support our “Pay It Forward” “Homeless Dignity Project” by donating time as well as their love donations to continue spreading the positive changes to help others gain back their dignity. We “Pay It Forward” during major Holidays. We love sharing the gift of hypnosis, energy healing, coaching and respect to people in need. If anyone is interested to help us “Paying It Forward”, I want to hear from you.When you donate to Enter Your Mind Center, your donations helps support people in need to gain back their dignity, it helps support full-time work for over 50 talented artisans and family’s in United State and worldwide.  In addition, we partner with over 100 different homeless shelters and help their causes. As a thank you for supporting us and these tremendous causes, please enjoy 10% off when you hire our services – simply let us know about your donation and we will offer you the discount.Philosophy
The purpose of Enter Your Mind Center is to create a sacred space where everyone is welcomed to come and meet together for the purpose of healing, learning, and growing.   We are based in Sherman Oaks Area which profit comes from the love of enterprise, awakening comes from the love of transformation, sustainability comes from the love of the whole, and service comes from an unconditional love of paying it forwards.
We are rooted in four insights:
*Create a Sacred Place
*Be the space for all of it
*Be in the game
*Be an invitation
With this foundation we are rooted in Community offering a Loving, Healing space to come explore all potentials of thriving in the world.
We Believe…
That all you need is Respect and an Unconditional Love!
Respect and Love is the answer and is always paid forward!
Respect and Unconditional love begins in the Heart of each individual!
One healthy individual leads to a healthier community which in turn becomes a healthier world.
A safe and sacred healing space leads to an environment that has honor, respect, integrity and dignity.
We accept the individual where they are at; in the here and now.
We are all responsible for what we have created in the world through our thoughts, words, actions and decisions.
We are committed to developing conscious awareness to overcome all obstacles.
Being in service for others we learn to give and receive freely.Whose Responsibility Is It?
Enter Your Mind Center takes great care in selecting our holistic health practitioners. We want to make clear that everyone offering services at The Greater Los Angel’s area Representing Enter Your Mind Center is a private practitioner and/or business and therefore is to be held solely responsible to all who make use of their services. This includes all practitioners and educators who offer classes and training as well. Ultimately, of course, we feel that it is YOU who are responsible for the choices you make of who and what method you may choose for your healing process and education. Trust your inner wisdom to follow on the right path.Board of Directors
Doreen Cohanim
Amery Nagy

Connection to Supportive Individual Healing Sessions
Life coaching
Therapeutic Massage
Spiritual Coaching/Readings
Reiki & Energy Healing
And Much more

Meditation For Pain Relief & Stress Reduction and More.
Home visits for group and individuals are available. Offering meditation and healing moralities such as hypnosis, conversation, meditation, reiki, mental massage, psychic development, etc.  These groups are designed to give support and provide tools to maintain health to each individual.

Coming Soon: Every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday Morning
10:00am – 12:00pm

Coming Soon: Every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday Evening
7:00 – 8:30pm

Classes, Workshops and Retreat Programs
We offer a large variety of classes intended to enrich, educate and empower:
Coming soon Women’s Empowerment Retreat on September 211, 2014 in Malibu Serra Retreat.

Doreen Cohanim, Founder and Director

For More Information, Please email us with your question or request. Or Call 818-521-1547

Every $1.00 you donate provides a positive and empowering mindset helping the homeless with a fresh mindset.
No one should spend Christmas isolated, cold, and hungry on the streets of Skid Row. Help give someone a fresh mindset.
There is Celebration or Holiday joy when you’re isolated, heartbroken, cold and hungry. But hope begins with a giving—and every $1.00 you donate provides a unique tool towards new mindset and an unconditional love that reminds hurting friends and neighbors on Skid Row that they’re not forgotten. Give the gift of a Holiday Season and share the life-changing hope that is the true spirit of the Season.
Your generosity can change lives, and make the world a better place…